I’ve come to the conclusion that Kishimoto is a tease and we’ll be left with some epilogue that never shows who ends up with who since this is a shounen manga and he doesn’t care what the fans think.

And that the makers of the anime LOVE NejiTen and give Tenten much deserved screen-time since Kishimoto just throws her in the background like trash even though she is actually much more USEFUL than the other Konoha 11 kunoichi combined.

So my conclusion…waiting for the anime to catch up to the manga to see A DECENT TENTEN REACTION to Neji’s death. It will happen. She will cry or at least be given enough screen time to see the emotion on her FACE.

This is why I prefer the anime…the animators at least try to give the side-characters reason for their existence even if it does constitute mostly useless filler arcs.

KISHIMOTO, YOU WILL NOT TAKE MY NEJITEN FROM ME! It lives on, right here! *points to heart mimicking Naruto* 

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